Today It was my lunch time at work and I thought it could be great to work on my outdated portfolio, my site that I keep on WP platform. And of course because I never logged there from my work laptop, I didn’t remember my password. I thought it is easy to find it, just click on the link ‘forgot your password’. Yeah, supposed to be easy, just to log to my email, associated with that account, find the codeRead more

Autoshow Toronto 2016

Valentine’s Day was coming when I found an Ad about upcoming Canadian International Auto show and I thought it would make a great gift and also give me an opportunity to have a photo session of fancy cars. I was very excited and purchased two tickets. Turned out it was a crazy idea to get to Metro Convention Center in downtown, not only because there was an NBA All-Stars basketball event in a city, but also because it was extremelyRead more

A story how tea helped me to discover something special today

One of my close friend’s invited me for dinner on the weekend. Knowing how much she enjoys tea, I decided to go to Loblaws to get some special tea for her. There is a Loblaws close to my work that has an amazing selection of exotic  tea from The Tea Emporium. Oh man, do I love this department! I always feel special when I go browsing there. Today there were many things to look at: teapots in knit warmers, Japanese-styleRead more

The Gift of Vision

Sept 16th, 2015 Today I was a witness of unusual scene on subway train while going to work.. Usually I read a book on my commute and hardly notice anything around me, but today on level of my eyes I suddenly saw a dog. I took my eyes from book and saw a Labrador guide dog held by middle age man in office attire. There was one seat available next to the door, but dog passed it and lead hisRead more

Welcome to new world!

    Hello my wonderful co-creators! With starting a new post on WordPress  am happy to begin a new interaction with people who are like me – open-minded, creative and always in search for new possibilities to learn, create and extend your capabilities and expand horizon of your vision. Or who would not mind to listen what I want to share – whether it is something that can inspire you, motivate, educate or entertain. I don’t limit myself with only oneRead more