There is something else I wanted to share. It is my novel that I started to write and hope one day will be able to finish. It is a story about a man who was involved in scientific project with dolphins. How under some circumstances he had a big turmoil that affected his career, relationship and inner conflicts, he discovered something big that not only changed his life but also life of many others. This is a book that will show that even one voice if it is strong, will help formation of your own destiny and high influence on those who can listen, who have big hearts and open minds.

This novel is called Fluke. It is a name of the dolphin in the novel. The word fluke has a few definitions: it is a name of part of dolphin’s tale and also it is a surprising luck. Both are important for unfolding the story which involves adventure and relationship, with an attempt to share the science through storytelling as raising awareness about life of human, animals, nature and ecology. To make it more interesting to read, there are more aspects involved like an ability that involves using the mind (psychokinesis and telekinesis), humor, love and relationship, cultural differences and philosophical thoughts based on biography of Carl Jung. The purpose is big and requires much afford, dedication and help of others that I hope to have to be able to finish it one day. But for now I hope you can enjoy a few chapters of it.

If you could give me any of your feedback, you would make my day!


Here it is:


David couldn’t get rid himself of a bad feeling this morning. He knew it wasn’t a good day for an expedition. It was hard to get the whole crew together these days. He wanted to move it to another week, but he knew it would be hard to rent the boat again. He realized it was his last chance to find Fluke. This way he could tell himself he did everything possible to return what he lost.

But his hopes started to fade when after cruising around miles and miles for the entire day, the weather began to change. David realized that the crew would have to go back. Looking at the heavy clouds covering the sun his worries increased. He looked at the horizon and saw coming darkness. He frowned, feeling the pressure of dealing with the upcoming storm.

“Do you think we can get the harbour safe, Captain Paul?”, asked David.
“Not at this point, we have no choice, but to go forward, as now we are closer to the island than to the mainland. If we just stay the course, we might make it before the storm reaches us. Though if the wind changes direction we’ll be ripped against the coral reef.” – replied Capt. Paul, not taking his pipe from the mouth, as is the habit of a true captain.
David thought about Amanda, her warm tender kiss in the morning after they had breakfast, her cozy fluffy bath robe, the smell of her  fresh hair. He was glad that he insisted this time she would stay home. They had already searched six times, it all seemed fruitless. That’s why this time he had even less hope they would be succeed. He was about to give up.
He peered out at big crested waves rocking the boat.The heaviness of the water brought chills to his spine and, made his heart pound. The wind grew stronger and the first heavy streaks of rain whipped his face. There was no doubt now they would have to face the storm.  He heard a noise and turned around. It was Matt.

“One day we will find  him, buddy.”
“I feel guilty I dragged you here. I don’t want anything bad to happen to the crew.”  David said,  sharing his concern. Matt opened a bottle of coke, took a few gulps and proclaimed “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!” But David hardly heard him as the wind grew stronger.
A few minutes later a huge wave burst onto the deck. David rushed to the front of a the boat. He wanted to know if Captain Paul was safe.   

” I’d better check on Paul, he must be on the stern now,” he shouted to Matt, who was already running towards the fishing equipment.
When David opened a deck house, he didn’t find the Captain,  but another sailor instead. He said that Capt. Paul had gone to check the gears were secured. The equipment was pricey, they’d be out a lot of money were it to be lost in the storm. David approached the gear from the other side. The crane wasn’t tied and rope was hanging loose. David pulled the end, but something caught it and it didn’t go further. Then he saw Captain Paul who told him “I tried to get it, but couldn’t reach it. I will go around and see if I can pull it out.

David shouted, “We have no time!. I’ll step on the board.”
“No, it’s too dangerous, damn it. Just leave it. Hopefully some part of it will hold on the other side,” Replied the Captain. David was already on his way. All he had to do was, go around a railing and pull the stuck rope, then in a few minutes to  he would be able to secure the crane. It must be wind that pushed the rolled rope to the extended part, he thought.

David slipped on wet metal, there was nothing to hold on to, but he only needed to take a few steps forward and he would be able to  grab the handle of the nearby water tank. A second later thunder burst through the air and the boat plummeted down. The last thing he remembered was a huge breaker wave knocking him down and pushing him from the boat…
Suddenly it was quiet and dark. David vividly recalled when he was little and learned how to dive. It was his first time under water when looking up he saw sun light going through thousands of little air bubbles. Then everything became dark and he started to go down.

Chapter 1
5 month before it happened.
It smelled like fish and seaweeds at the Sea Market of Santa Cruz. The street was very busy full of people and things. There were boxes and containers along the way, streaks of salty water running on hot asphalt evaporating into the air. People were occupied with morning routine, going through usual hassle of loading trays with fresh fish, mussels and clams. The place was very noisy. People were actively engaged: customers asking for bargains, fishermen calling the price, giving orders to loaders, anglers settling down the deals.

David was looking for familiar round table under striped umbrella which after some time he’d come to know so well, but he never liked coming here. If he hadn’t forgot his wallet last time when he’d ordered a load of fish, there would be no need to return now to pay his debt. Sure, he was upset with himself, because after all what happened to him. He fell out of reality and almost forgot about his promise to pay.
“Oh, look, who’s here,” said the bearded angler, warmly greeting David. He wiped fish guts off his hand on the apron around his neck and extended it for a shake.  “I thought I wouldn’t  see you again.”
“I know, it’s been two month since I was here, but I always keep my word even if it’s put on hold. I am sorry Russ. It’s being very tough for me lately,” David explained with remorse.

“You don’t have to apologize, son. I knew you were having a hard time. I saw your friend the other day, he told me that you’d been fired. What happened?”
David felt a knot develop in his stomach. His neck muscles clenched and he looked away.
“Jack, my boss, had screwed everything that was vital not only for me, but for the whole Research Center. A few things went wrong and he closed the project. This hefty smuggler cared only about the profit and blamed me for wasting the budget. He even accused me of stealing from government grant, money that he spent buying a yacht for himself, can you believe it? Such a blatant lie!”

“When a shark is hungry, it will eat anything,” sighed Russ, but why did he close your project? Last time you told me it would cause a sensation!”
“He’s not a scientist and doesn’t care about the results of our study. He was against the theory we were trying to prove from the very beginning. He also went around telling everyone that I have mental issues and should be committed.” David explained feeling anger boil inside of him.
“I know Jack very well, but not as a director of your centre. His dad, Paul was my best friend. He was very good man,”  said Russ, suddenly looking sad.

“I didn’t know you know Paul Martiny.” David replied, surprised to learn of such a coincidence.
“That’s interesting. You and Paul are so different though. Sometimes difference in occupation makes it challenging to maintain relationship when there is nothing in common. I do wonder how Paul became the director of the Research Centre,” he mused.
“Well, we had one thing in common – love of the ocean! We spent lots of time together when we were young, scuba diving and exploring the ocean. We were swimming buddies. It is dangerous to do dive alone, everyone needs a partner in case something goes wrong. We had an accident one time. I don’t know what happened, maybe the scuba regulator malfunctioned, or tank wasn’t full, but at one point Paul had no air in his tank when were forty feet deep under water. He noticed it too late and started to panic. He started to pull my respirator. Let me tell you it’s not a nice thing to lose your composure when you have plenty of water above your head and you can’t exceed speed limit to avoid decompression sickness. I knew something happened as soon as I saw his eyes wide open and gave him my respirator. He gasped air for so long that I was about to panic myself. Then he returned it to me. We had to take turns breathing on a way up. It took us long time to emerge and when we got to the land we were absolutely exhausted.”

“For many years he remembered it and always said that I saved his life. Well, at least it never happened again and we spent so much time diving, taking pictures, collecting things from the ocean. He loved to explore  and I would always accompany him. He dreamt of studying marine biology and was obsessed with mammals. Paul wanted to know everything; I wasn’t too crazy about studying though. Maybe because I grew up in poor family and knew I would never go to University or college. But I was very happy for Paul when he was accepted to university.

We didn’t see each other as much after he got a job in the Discovery Centre, first as an assistant and then as a director. He worked hard all his life, researching subjects ranging from microscopic plankton to massive blue whales. He loved to share his new concepts with me when we would meet over few shots of bourbon. He was so excited when he was approved for government funding for his mammal study programs.

David nodded, he remembered that when he came to the Centre himself. He had a deep respect for this open-minded and passionate scientist as well as with the organization and was happy to be part of Paul’s research team. It was amazing that this old fisher knew so much about the ocean but from a completely different angle.

Russ was silent for some time. He struggled to suppress his tears.

– It’s sad that his son didn’t follow in his footsteps. He lacked the same passion for nature when he took over the Centre. All Jack was interested in was how to make more money” – concluded Russ with grief.
-You’re right. He turned many projects into a source of profit that instead of going towards the research filled his own pocket. That was why he didn’t want to invest in new research, even though there was positive feedback from the Conference I wish his father hadn’t had heart attack leaving all his life achievement in the hand of that bastard! I need to find a way to finish our research,” he said with determination.

– I am sure you will. You are talented and there is a whole life ahead of you. You will find out how to do it, I have no doubt’s about it. People like you are born to succeed.
– Thanks Russ. The problem is I can’t do anything by this point. I am totally broke. Not only I lost my job, but I had to pay jail charges.
– Jail?- Russ was very surprised.
– Yeah…, – David was ashamed to admit what just escaped his lips and reluctantly explained, – “When I tried to persuade Jack not to close the project, he was very stubborn and didn’t even want to listen to me. He didn’t care either about the project, no about the people. We had a fight and somehow I lost my control and punched him in the face. He called the cops and I was arrested. Who knew he had severe hemophilia and was taken to the hospital to stop bleeding. He pressed the charges for assult and now I have a restraining order to stay away from him.
Suddenly conversation was interrupted by the voice of a young woman.
– Excuse me for breaking into conversation. Do you sell a puff fish by any chance? – her voice was a mix of timidity and determination.
– Puff fish?- said Russ looking at the customer. – We just got sea spiders if you are looking for something exotic. What are you going to do with it, cook dinner for your love? – Russ looked at her with a smile she didn’t return. As a matter of fact, the woman looked quite serious.
– Well, I am not quite sure…
– You aren’t sure what you need a puffer for? – asked Russ. He elbowed and gestured her direction because she was pretty good-looking. David settled in tiny folding chair where he observed the unusual customer with curiosity.
She looked quite attractive. Her dark brown hair had light streaks at the ends, long bank kept covering her eyes, so every few minutes she had to tuck it behind her ear. Bronze tan of her skin was a good contrast with her white shirt tacked into tight blue jeans that perfectly outlined her hips. The belt was hugging her waist. She held a handcrafted leather bag on her hands.
She gave to Russ a helpless look and mumbled:
– I guess it is for a pet, kind of. It is for a dolphin. – Her big eyes were asking for reassurance. – I need a puff fish as a painkiller. I’ve been told that dolphins could eat it for tranquil effect. Do you know anything about it, could you help me?
– You have a dolphin? – Russ was surprised. – I didn’t know that a new generation is playing with dolphins now. – His voice had a hint of sarcasm.
-No no, it is not actually my dolphin. It belongs to kids’ aquarium club at a Hawaiian resort. Kids like to come and play with dolphins and it helps them to learn to appreciate the nature. Sadly one of the dolphins has health issues and has to go through major surgery. I decided to find a puff fish to make him feel better. I stumbled upon one web site that I found when I searched for information, but how much can I trust internet?
– You came here from Hawaii? – Russ was astonished by her genuine intentions. Considering high crime rate in Santa Cruz, it was brave for young lady to travel alone; at least she seemed to be alone here.
He noticed that she was looking at David and added.
– Well, you found a right person then. David is the expert on dolphins.
David seemed discounted what Russ said and was doing something on his phone. She seemed to ignore the fact that he didn’t pay attention on her. She sounded surprised.
– You are expert in dolphins?
David frowned. He didn’t share her excitement. Putting his phone in a pocked he stated:
– You can’t experiment with such thing, especially if you know nothing about it. It can kill your dolphin if you don’t know what you are doing. – His voice sounded angry.
– It can kill my dolphin? – her voice sounded alarmed. She didn’t expect such a strong reaction from him so her face became very pale as if she saw a ghost. David noticed what reaction he caused and soften a bit. Her face looked so innocent and childish so he decided to tell what he knew.
-It is true, that dolphins deliberately get ‘high’ on puffer fish that has nerve toxins. Dolphins are very intelligent, way smarter than dogs. Sometimes they use their ingenuity in pursuit of getting ‘high”. I was a witness of this myself and I saw how they chewed the puffer, gently passed it around with their noses at the surface. They acted weird and looked like they were fascinated with their own reflections in the water swimming across aquarium. – explained David.

She was listening with great interest and curiosity. David continued:
-In small amount puff fish produces narcotic effect, but large doses of toxin can be deadly.
– How do you know so much about dolphins? – She asked with astonishment.
When David didn’t reply Russ, who was busy with fish and was silent all this time while David was talking, placed the tray on the table and explained:
– David is not only a specialist in marine biology, but also big dolphin lover. Sometimes he becomes hot minded defending his animals as he spends more time talking to dolphins rather than humans.

She looked at David with a new interest.
-You can talk to dolphins? Is it true?- Her enthusiasm was escalating.
David gave a smirk, though he noticed how much his mood changed since this morning. He wasn’t tensed and occupied with heavy feelings anymore. There was something in her that made him feel different, some sort of childish innocence and lightheartedness in the way she reacted to anything he was saying. He started to enjoy their conversation and wanted to share more what he knew on a subject, but a sudden thought that popped in his mind made him feel unsettled.
– What time is it? – he reached for his phone jumping on his feet. – Damn, I have to be at the bank in 40 minutes. It was nice talking to you… sorry what is your name again?
-Amanda, kids call me Ama, – she tried to speak fast, – Can we talk more another time? I’ve always wanted to meet a good dolphin expert.
– Well.. – David hesitated for a moment. Even though she was nice, it wasn’t in his plans to spend time with tourists when he had plenty of his own problems.
Amanda noticed his hesitation and insisted, surprising herself with sudden persistence.
– Please, David, it means a lot to me. Can I invite you for a cup of coffee or maybe beer?
-All right. Give me your phone number. – said David puling a stained paper from under fish tray. He shook Russ’ hand and rushed out.
Chapter 2
The way home felt very short as David’s thought were preoccupied with coming conversation with the bank agent about refinancing his house. After losing his job, he tried to find another one, maybe something quick and temporary to be able to pay the bills, but it was unsuccessful.

David lived in Bonny Doon the place in the Bay Area, north of Santa Cruz. It was once a logging camp and grew to three thousand. There wasn’t much in Bonny Doon. It had no city center, no shops, just an old church, a private school and few fire stations, because fire in that area wasn’t a rarity. Though this place was noted for Bonny Doon Wynyard, the Santa Cruz winery. Apparently the combination of soil, climate and sunlight in the area gave the wine grapes very distinctive character.
David was never a social butterfly and preferred to live in this quiet place, far away from crowded city. He lived in a log cabin, shrouded away from outside. He loved redwood forest he lived in. It was a part of his life to go along the trails with his dog, who would chase chipmunks. David enjoyed silence of the forest, fresh air under shade of oaks, the scent of spruce and hemlock, a walk though berry bushes and sword ferns that created a multiple canopies for forest inhabitants. Sometimes walking through the woods he would stop, being mesmerized by beam of sun light breaking up through crown of tree leaves. He would listen to the sound of quells finches and other birds that he could detect by their singing without even looking. His favorite one was long-eared owl, who seemed was calling for him every time he would go deep into the woods.
He couldn’t imagine himself living in apartment. He liked his nice wooden cabin with glass front wall that would give plenty of natural light to the room. Exposed timber framing on the roof added a nice touch to the house. There was a wide deck around it that was built with wide oak boards. He enjoyed sitting outside, relaxing, listening music. It felt like home to him and he didn’t want to lose it…
David didn’t notice how he arrived home. Entering the house he rushed to the shower, shucking his shirt off and ripping the flannel under the arms as he hurried to pull it off. He had only few minutes to be ready to head to the bank which was located in 40 minutes from home. He didn’t want to be late, especially with his serious situation.
The way to the bank was very scenic. The serpentine road led though the woods and had lots of curves and twists along the way. It was hard to drive at full speed. Every year millions of tourist comes to Santa Cruz. There were world class surf breaks, which created the best surfing waves in the world. This month it was a beginning of Longboard surf contest that attracted many international participants and caused heavy traffic, though for David’s luck it was towards the sea coast, not his direction. David looked at the watch and pushed the pedal, leaving nearby cars behind.
When he entered the bank, a young lady met him in the hall, asking if she could help with anything. When she found out that David had appointment with the mortgage agent, she told him to follow her. You are okay, he told himself, heart thumping. At least he was in time.
The bank agent greeted him friendly, but David was nervous. He never so much trusted banks as he knew how strict the system was. Financial services only benefited the wealthy and showed no mercy to people like him. He remembered mortgage crisis in time of big recession. Huge drop in house prices lead to mortgage failure and massive foreclosures. It was a tragedy for many people who lost their homes.
The bank agent was short middle-aged woman, dressed in grey suit. Her eyes looked like big pools though bifocal spectacles. She asked him to take a seat.
– How are you mr Baker? Let me look at your file, – she said turning her head to the monitor on the side desk. David craned his head trying to sneak a look of what was on the screen, but it was covered with security film protecting data from viewing.
– I see you missed two payments. There were penalties involved… What happened, Mr. Baker? – she took in the crestfallen look on David’s face. (depressed look)
– I couldn’t do the payments because I lost my job. I should find another one soon, but for now I want to know how critical is that? Is there a risk to lose my house?
For a moment there was uncomfortable silence. Her myopic eyes blinked behind gold-rimmed spectacles. She looked like she had internal process going in her head where she was gathering some information.
-Sorry to hear you lost your lost job, Mr. Baker. I am sure we can figure something out. There is a process that follows whenever you can’t make your transaction. You won’t lose your home just because you missed two mortgage payments, but after six months the lender may list the home for sale or hold an auction. We might offer you some programs that can help, but it became more difficult to refinance your loan as you lost your job.
David was at a loss. She pursed her lips:
– Before you have to face the possibility of foreclosure you might consider mortgage-backed security. You also can use house insurance to cover some expense. I can give you more details later if you need. Hopefully you will find a new job soon though in your field it might be very challenging, there are not many research centers in the area.
David left the building very discouraged. The picture of his current situation didn’t look good. If he would not find a source of income within few month, he had to sell his home. Of course the agent tried to find solutions, but it would draw even more cost. He needed time to think about it.
The way home was in blur of contemplation, how he made it all happen? He had a perfect job, girlfriend, his house… now he was losing everything. He never thought it could take so little to crush his all stability and confidence. The strong memories of his last day of work suddenly came back.
It was usual day and David was going through daily routine preparing all equipment for work when Jack Miller, director of Research Center, approached him, snarling with anger that he was about to close the project. David just submitted the document about next stage for his research and thought Jack came to discuss the list of items required to approve the budget but instead he wanted to cancel the entire project. He stated that there was no reason to continue the experiments. “Minimum gross and maximum expenses” – he gave categorical statement.
The study was complex to understand even for person with special training, but Jack had no expertise in marine area and was only interested in business side of Research. David planned to go further with analysis and get the stable results of his experiments, document the evidence which could potentially receive publicity and attract attention of press. Fame and glory could be a reason why Jack would want go ahead with continuing the project. But it was hard to persuade him in a positive outcome of time and money investment. They needed advanced equipment and powerful computers to do complex calculations, otherwise it would take years to get the results they needed.
Something has to be done swiftly and smartly. He tried to explain that it was unique study and they were at the door of big discovery that would attract all media. It already got a positive feedback from Princeton University when he presented idea at the “Mind and Matter Interaction” Conference in Baltimore.
The director didn’t want to hear anything. Scientific talk bored him to death. David didn’t want to give up and tried to find another approach. He said that it was Jack’s dad’s idea for this study. He worked hard for it and it was very important to him personally not only for the Center. They should finish the analysis at least for the sake of his memories. Jack said that it didn’t make sense to invest in his dad’s wacky idea. Now he was the director and would tell him what to do.
Conversation got more intense. All arguments in defense were useless, Jack already made his mind and was very stubborn about his decision. David was greatly afraid that closing the project would cause other people to lose their job. For sure Jack would discard all his team that David built himself. They worked so well together and David relied on their expertise and experience keeping everyone aligned and motivated along the way. He felt responsible not only for the scientific research but also for everybody who he worked with. He asked if Jack could wait just for few more weeks, he would brainstorm new ideas how to work it out relying on his strategic thinking to make it benefit for both sides.
Jack lost his patience and blurted out that he didn’t want to hear anything about the research any more. He was sick and tired of the project, David and everything related to it. He said that his dad was a lunatic and all of them were delirious and he would not support bonkers and crackpots.
The insult from Jack was the last straw and David didn’t know how it happened that the next second he punched Jack right in his sweaty face. To be in power didn’t mean to have a right to insult people who worked so hard. Jack screamed and covered his nose. When he took his pudgy hands off his face and saw blood, he screamed his head off – “You’re fired! Call the cops! Get him out of here”
David’s memories were interrupted by road sign with the street name “Howard Drive”. David made a turn to the rural road. He was almost home. He pulled over in driveway and slowly dragged his feet out of his car. He felt exhausted, worn, and drained, at the same time was delighted when he heard his dog barking at the window being excited to see him. David had two years old Rhodesian ridgeback, named Cupid. He was his only family now. He always knew when David was approaching the house and waited impatiently at the window.
Reaching for the phone David pooled something else from his pocket. It was folded dirty napkin. “What the heck is that?”- David though, staring blankly on the phone number written on it. Meeting with the bank agent and heavy thoughts about his work washed out the memories about the girl he met at fish market. He started to recall the event in the morning.
-What was her name? Amanda? – he asked himself aloud and looked at the dog. Cupid tilted his head and started to tap his tail on the floor.
David recalled how scared she looked when asked about the puffer as if it was a drug. He thought it was funny. The girl was cute though. He recalled that he promised to give her a call because she wanted to talk about dolphins. David wasn’t in a mood to meet anyone, especially now when so many things were out of hands.
Spending long hours in research center he was perennially attracted to dolphins. Over few years he managed to built very special relationship and close conncetion with them. He knew them better than people. It was so natural and authentic interraction where their behaviour was easy to understand, whether someone was in a mood to do things or wasn’t. It was so much easier than interract with people. Dolphins didn’t complain about his scruffle, they were not jealos of him playing with other dolphins, they didn’t ask where he was last night or why they had to do the training. They whether did things or didn’t and most of the time they were very responsive and playful. Curious by nature it seemed like they wanted to know David very well too and sometimes challenged him with new riddles. Dolphins were extremely intelligent being able to use four times more of their brains capacity comparing to humans, so David became very attached to them and his research and quite often preffered them to human company.
At the same time it made him feel like he was losing connection with people and their complicated world of intrigues, politics, manipulation, and greed for power. So with time he become more solitary, more focused on other things that were more important to him. The more he spent time on experiments, the more he felt he was on the edge of big discovery. It excited him tremendously. He wanted to exceed what was known, to rise above human limitations, to transcend his own mind. He wanted to confide his ideas and dreams, but there was nobody who cared much. Even his own boss had indifferent attitutde and intollerence with the subject. There were less and less people who could share his interests, who could understand. So there was more growing distance with everyone and that frustrated him. Though for many of them he was always present if they needed him and would go through fire and water if they were in unfortunate or distressing position. That was why they remembered about him when they were in need and other time he was not much fun for them, because there was not much he could say to fascinate them, nothing to impress with as he wasn’t a typical guy with normal usual interests.
He realized that his abandonment and loneliness happened not because there was nobody around him, but because he wasn’t able to communicate the things that were so important to him. Research helped him to be distracted from his personal problems. So it was a viscious cicrle he wasn’t able to break. The more he spent time at work, the more untisocial he became and the more he had problems with others the more he wanted to focus on research.
Now he had to come with a plan how to find a way to save his house and pull everything back together again. There was no time for tourists or amateurs whoever this girl was. David tossed the napkin with Amanda’s phone number into the garbage bin.
When he heard a grumbling sound from his stomach he realized that didn’t eat anything for entire day. He opened the fridge and scanned the empty shelves for something edible. There used to be plenty of food and now the fridge was frightening empty. The thought of dinner reminded him about Serena, his ex girlfriend. He had a sudden flashback to their last fight.
It happened the day when he returned from jail where he was detained for two weeks. It took time for police to investigate what happened, collect facts from witnesses and to interrogate David with all questions and explanations. It wouldn’t be that long if Serena would pay off a bail for him, but he couldn’t reach for her. He called several times but she never picked up the phone. He worried if something happened. What if she got sick and was hospitalized or hit by the car or maybe she was dead… Fear had big eyes and time in the cell felt like eternity. He was oblivious of the fact that she found out what happened to him and was going to use this accident as opportunity to break up with him and move out. So while he was in custody, she was looking for a place to live and when she found it, started to move furniture and all her belongings. Of course David had no clue about all of that and as soon as he was released he was in rush to get home to be sure that she was safe. He wanted to share with her what happened, to get her support and empathy. He had no clue how naive he was.
When he arrived home, he was unpleasantly surprised to see moving track and boxes on the driveway. The next moment he saw Serena walking out of the house and caring a big pot with a plant. She noticed him and her face became a thundercloud. David was appalled by the scene. What the hell was going on?
“What are you doing?” – he shouted. – “Why are you taking the stuff? And where the hell have you being all these days? I called you several times but you never picked up the phone.” – he started to panic overwhelmed by the scene.
She didn’t react like as if she didn’t hear him and started to load the plant into the truck, trying to fit it between boxes. David was about to lose his mind: “What is wrong with you?”
“What is wrong with me? – she exploded. She was absolutely furious. “What is wrong with you, Dave? I got a call from your work about your arrest for criminal assault. I didn’t know you attack people especially if it is your own boss. I didn’t think I would end up living with criminal. It is all your anger management issues, David.
He was outraged:
– Anger management issues? This bustard insulted me. He had no respect to anyone including his dad. All he cared was only money that he sucked from the center like a suckerfish a whale. My arrest was an accident, but you sound like I spent years behind the bars.
Serena ignored what was so important to him and kept blaming:
– You have a compulsive disorder Dave! I am sure it all started because again you tried to prove that you were right and he was wrong as you always do. Am I right? Every time you fight for your ideas to death. You always want everything to be fair. Life is not fair, David. It is always logical. You have to grow up and not be stupid about what you do in your life. I told you million times to put a foot in your mouth, just do what you are asked to do and be quiet and diligent. Instead you started a fight. Of course nobody can tolerate that! You should go back to the Center and apologize to your boss, beg him to take you back.
– Are you insane? I would never go back. I never kissed people’s butts. He brushed me off Center like a flea off the dog and you are telling me I have to suck up my dignity and apologize to him? He is absolutely worthless piece of crap! He has no expertise in biology, no science degree, no marine education, he is the worse manager ever! He never cared for anyone and used all Center for his profit in wich he accused me!
Serena slammed the door of the truck and turned to David, sending fire balls from her eyes. She started to surf a new wave of arguments:
– So what? Suck it up! I also hate my boss, but it doesn’t make me quit my job, I need it for living. How dare you to lose your job when there was so much on a line: we just bought a new car, fixed the house roof? How are you going to pay it all off? We never even went for vacation. I always asked you to talk to your director about promotion, but instead you managed to lose your job! You are so immature and completely not reliable. And now you have a police record. I don’t feel secure with you anymore. How can I trust the person who is so aggressive? What if I don’t do what you want, would you slap me too? You are dangerous if you can’t control yourself. You should have a special therapy for anger disorder. – She couldn’t stop an avalanche of harsh remarks.
He was trying to be indignant to her criticism, searching for logical arguments.
– Who is talking about not being reliable? – Davis strived for justice. – I called you so many times. You could pay off the bail to get me out of there and you never even picked up your phone! I wouldn’t spend two weeks in a dirty cell if you just paid for me.
– What? Are you insane? Are you expecting me to waste 5 thousands on prison? I am not wasting my savings on stupidity. I don’t want to sponsor bummers, especially one who lays the grave with his own hands.
David was stunned! He knew their relationship somewhat deteriorated over few years and loving feelings submerged into tension and coldness. But he had no clue of the degree of her detachment by practically betraying him in critical moment of his life.
– I wasn’t asking to give me your money. I just needed you to help me and to believe in me. Of course I would find a job and return you all. The Princeton University has a Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory. They were interested in my study. I am going to contact them and they might offer me something. – David notices how agonized he became driven by shocking truth, feeling dizzy from disparity.
– Really? – her voice poked him. – “So why didn’t they support your idea when you did your presentation at the conference while you were still working in Research Center? Instead you covered expenses for your dolphins yourself .
Obviously she collected all her venom for a long time and now was attacking him, making him a victim of all their misery.
– Yes, I paid most of expenses for the research. I don’t deny. Jack was very bitchy about every penny given for the project and we struggled to be within the budget. I thought if the results of our experiments would be successful, we could get attention of press and we all would be rich and could return money invested.
She didn’t answer. Instead she looked at her watch and went back to the house. David followed her in despair. She started to pick up thing in the bathroom, collecting her makeup, towels, and perfumes. David was nervously pacing behind her, biting his lips. He felt desperate.
He thought how much she changed over the years. He didn’t expect her to leave him, especially now when he was in big trouble. It deeply wounded him but he tried to fight for the last chance. He needed her help to go through financial difficulties. He tried to suppress his frustration to win time and change the situation.
– I can’t believe you doing that. When you lived in Sri Lanka and wanted to go with me to States, I did everything possible for you to get a green card. I paid for all your study so you can stay in states legally and have a profession, so now when you have a good income you are busting me and leaving me in a lurch!
Her back talk was acidic:
– So now you are accusing me in selfishness, implying that I twiddled you. I thought we came here together because we were in love!
– Exactly! You hit a nail on a head. We were in love and where is that love now? When was last time we had sex, few years ago? It is all because of your weird sex abstinence. What kind of religion teaches to focus on your own needs? The truth is that with learned how to be independent and you don’t need me anymore. As a matter of fact you don’t need anyone!
– It is not a religion, David! And it is not a death sentence. It is deeper than you think. It is very personal to me and I am not about to discuss it with you. You never understood me, never truly appreciated my multifaceted personality. You were always busy with work!
Suddenly she stopped screaming and blaming him. She became still. But something unnatural was in her calmness. It was icy-cold, not human-like.
– We grew apart Dave, admit it. Isn’t it obvious that two people can be together if both of them share the same interests, doing something together to built better life. If one is moving forward, but another remains the same, the gap between them becomes huge with time. We are very different now and it is time to move apart with our lives. You want to stay here? Fine! Focus on your dolphins, but I don’t want to suffocate being far away from real life. I am moving to the city!
David couldn’t belive it! He thought they were friends. Sure there was no more loving feelings anymore, but he thought they still had pretty good relationship and sometimes had a good time together. He thought in general she was ssatisfied with life here in Bonny Doon. Of course from time to time she would suggest to relocate to the city complaining that she was far from her friends. But he had no idea that she would decide to run from him just when he needed her support. He was very offended by that.
– I understand you are indignant over me losing my job, but honestly, I didn’t expect you to plan your escape behind my back. Why you never told me how miserable you were with me. We could try to do something about it.
– Seriously? David? I told you many times that I am so sick and tired of this backwoods where there is no gym, no shopping center. Everything I need is so far away. I told you about that. You just never hear what I tell you becaue you don’t care about me, only about your dolphins. So go and live with them now, but I don’t want to live down here anymore.
With whale of frustration he agreed:
-All right, let’s move to San Jose! Let’s sell the house, search for a new one close to your work if that is so important to you. I hate to live in a city but if gyms and clubs make you happy, fine, I can live with that. Why to ruin everything? Why just to destroy everything we had together?
She sharply interrupted him, giving him no chance to finish negotiation.
– Save you breath David! It is too late to do anything, this is just waste of time on talking about it? I don’t see the point. To continue to live like strangers? We are too different now, besides it wasn’t good idea from the very beginning.
– What are you talking about? You wanted to come to US and now you are telling it wasn’t good idea?
– Yes, now there is a price to pay. I should tell you the truth. I wanted to come to states to be able to escape arranged marriage which by tradition my parents planned for me. The person I supposed to marry was rich man so much older than me. I hated him and would rather kill myslef than marry him. So when I met you I thougt it would be my only chance. Of course my family never forgave me for that and condemned me for being disgraceful to them and for dishonor of their reputation and the whole community. Of course you don’t know what it feels like to be remote from place you were born; to lose connection with your roots and yourself; to have a deep regret about you’ve done and sorrow not to be forgiven. I found Indian community in San Jose that will help me to fill my cultural void. People accepted and embraiced me like a part of family. I found an apartment in the area and I am moving there.
David had hard time to process this awful confession and mechanically mumbled:
– We both could move there.
She came close to him and took his face in her hands, looked straight in his eyes and said:
– You are nice guy David, you never hurt me, but truth is I don’t love you and I never did. I needed you to escape arranged marriage set up by my parents. I also thought you would open me a new world with American Dream, but realized you never will be rich. People like you share last shirt just to make everyone happy even if it is a dolphin. I never understood your weird nature.
David couldn’t move. He was paralized by staggering reality. She left and he became numb and broken inside. He didn’t expect when he hurried home from jail to come to this startling revelation, the bitter truth about their relationship – not that day when it happened and not now, sitting in the kitchen and recalling it all as if it happened yesterday, spinning the details of conversation in his mind in disbelief, that after so many years he was betrayed by the person who never even loved him, who used him in her own selfish interests. How did it happened?
Chapter 3
He just turned 18 when he joined the crew on a Rescue Craft for sea rescue mission. Capitan of the vessel was preparing the crew for a big trip to India as a part of big compagn that was organized to search and collect tackling gears abandoned by fishining companies and turned the ocean into death traps for sea animals, numerous dolphins and whales.
They went to to The Donara Point the south of Sri Lanka which was a mark where major seas come together. After a long trip they finally reached the destination. They anchored their boat at the small port of Donara Village to be able to go spend some time on land, buy food and fill the tank with fresh drinking water.
It was a middle of January when all people celebrated the biggest harvest festival called Thai Pongal. For David it was good opportunity to see different world and learn about new culture as he never travelled before. He was deeply impressed by beauty of this place and people with their unique traditions. He was surprised that agricultural activities were enjoyed there and had a very sacred status because of high importance of land as livelihood in Southern India and Sri Lanka
During the festival many Sri Lankans gathered together in a ritual to worship sun god as they believed that sun was the first known god of human being and mother earth for help in agriculture. By tradition people coocked a special rice pudding called pongal which they offered to god, shared with their families and also offered to the cattle for bearing a good harvest. All cows were sacred and for the event were bathed and scented with oils. Their horns were polished and their necks were ornamented with garlands of fresh flowers.
It was a long established tradition that had a big impact on David, a new experience that he remembered for the rest of his life. He learnt that everything that people did for four days of festival beared a geat significance in their culture. to decorate and paint doorways with leaves and flowers to make them pretty, to buy handmade pots and lay them at the entrance to stop anger from entering the house. In the center of the yard they made sacred area, in which they put some objects to bring good deeds from the day. Women wraped jasmine leaves around the pots for the longevity of their husbands. They lit traditional lamps along with pongal pots to thank son of fire for well being and prepare delicious foods that they offered to gods along with their prays.
David was amazed by Sri Lankan’s customs. He grew up in completely different sosciety with very different life style and he didn’t expect such a huge cultural difference. He thought that such a habitual practice was an atribute of tribes with no education, low IQ and low stage of development. Alwas being driven by logic David had no trust to worships as he never trusted religious people with blind obsession with God because he saw churches as a way to control and manipulate people. The rituals were true to them just because of the power of repetition and blind beief. David believed in logic, science and technology and thougt that such customs with their legends were pure folklore. He didn’t know what he was going to experience in such remote from his home place, something that he could not find words to describe and remembered for a long time.
It all started from the discussion between David and his friend Matt about roosters fights. Matt was a crew man on the same vessel as David and joined the crew just few months before him. Both of them were about the same age and became good friends. Matt also never been anywhere before and both guys enjoyed exploring new territories sometimes seeking for adventure.
They heard from other crew members that cockfight was vey common in Sri Lanka as a spectator sport. The gamecocks were no ordinary birds. They were specially bred and conditioned for high stamina and strenghts. These roosters were given the best of care until near of two years old and then were trained like professional fighters for events and shows. During that time they were fed nourishing food such as milk bread, fresh greens and feef lever. Its legs and claws were regularly massaged. They were trained for one purpose – tear each other to pieces until one or the other would fell down.
Both David and Matt were interested in watching the rosters’ match. It took no time to find one of such gathering in a city around not large cocks arena. First David was waiting for some kind of big show that would impress him, but then when innocent birds were unleashed on each other, people started to cheer. Many of them were gamblers. David was shocked by extreme form of cruelty where two cocks possessed intense hatred towards each other. David became a spectator of such a barbaric blood sport that was held to earn money and satisfy bloodlust of onlookers. The coockfighters were attacking, inflicting each other with extreme hatred, damaging and wounding their bodies, shading feathers and splashing blood drops. At one point one of the birds fell disabled. When David saw its twitching legs, he suddenly had sickness at his stomach. He wanted to leave the place. He tried to tell Matt who managedto slip through the crowd to the very front raw, but it was too noisy for Matt to hear him. When David felt better and returned back, he couldn’t find Matt any more so he decided to walk around and see if he can bump into him and also he was thirtsty and wanted to find something to drink.
When he was walking on the street, first his mind was busy by processing the scene of physical trauma, that he just witnessed, but slowely he started to pay more attention to what was happening around him. The air filled with sandal scent and turmeric spice made him feel relaxed. He saw many people on the street: families gathering together; cheering each other, hugging and kissing; pretty girls in bright silky saries, smiling to him; elderly women giving away rice sweets, blessing everyone. Two of them extended trays to him with a veriety of colorful sugary treats. He took few orange rolls and said “Namaste”, the only word he knew in this country. They smiled to him and noded. He saw a bunch of laughing kids, eating sugar canes and running around, chasing each other. Few of them waved hands to David and he waved them back. He suddenly was in very a good mood and started to enjoy festivity.
He decided to sit in the shade of palm trees. He started to eat the treats, looking at the sun though palm tree leaves and had a great delight not only from the sweet taste but also from the mery atmosphere. Observing the scene around him, inhaling sandal aroma, and tasting treats made all his senses fully engaged and at the same time mind inactive. It was a new influence of reality, such an unusual physical condition. Experience of sitting in the presence of people who he saw the very first time in his life, listening their beautiful falk songs shut his pragmatic mind and made him very calm and relaxed. His was free from perpetual motion of thoughts. He didn’t questing why people were nice to him, where did Matt disappear and what was he going to do later. He was sitting and watching others, being grateful for unexplained feeling of joy and unexpected euphoria.
He fell into some kind of emotional trans at one point and started to feel the unity of himself with this place. He felt like he was home, like he belonged to here. People, trees, everything around him felt like a whole united energy field, pulsating essence of life. He never had such a deep feeling of serenity before. It was very special. Before David always identified himself only with logic, thoughts and processing now he was at complete stall of mind which felt like an incredible relief from invisible burden. It created a feeling of serenity and inner expansion. He indulged himself to a magic power of the present moment and enjoyed totally new experience, as new depth of being, the memories of which he carried for the rest of his life.
The next day David and few people from his crew decided to go to the local market. Some men had families and wanted to get presents for loved ones. There were many people on the market selling goods and meals, numerous gifts and hand made products. People from his crew drifted apart being attracted to different things, so soon David found himself alone. He was owerwhelmed by multiple new objects and overly friendly sale people. Everyone smiled to him and tryed to talk him into bying his product, demostrating all its features and qualities. Someone hanged a garland of flowers around his neck.
At one point David spotted a girl, who held a silki sheer shal decorated with perl bids. The girl was astonishly beatiful. She had a dark heavy hair covering her showlders, dark eyes with long eye lashes, she was wrapped in a pink sari showing every curve of her voluptues body. Her beauty put him in hypnotic state and he couldn’t look away. He was watching how she was talking to the customer showing the shal, greeting others with her handsplacing together and making a slight bow. Her gestures were very gracios: waving her hands, moving her head from side to side, moving her eyelashes. It was like a dance. He was mesmarized by her charms dreaming of hugging her and hiding together under the shal that she showed to others.
Being distracted, he stumbled on a big basket with mangos, that scattered them around him. The old lady who was saling them started to scream something, who couldn’t understand, probably cursing him in her own language for being so clumzy. David started to bow in appology, trying to collect fruits back into the basket, being ready to buy all of them just to make her stop yealling. For some reason he thought she would creport to the local authority and started to pick fruits faster. When he reached for the most remote mango piece he saw a slim female hand picking it. He lifted his head and recognized that beautiful girl. She put a mango in the basket said something to old lady and smiled, showing her sparkly-white teeth. David smiled too. Eventually he bought a bag of mangos, which made old lady finally quiete. The girl helped her to count the change. David didn’t know what he was going to do with all mangos and offered them to the girl. For his surprise she started to talk to him in English.
– Thank you, – she moved her head from side to side, – they are yours now. I have them every day at my grandma. Sorry she yelled at you. She is always super cauties about her harvest. Ripe mangos are very frigile and ca be easily get bruised. At her age she can not pick them up herself and asks me for help.
David didn’t know what to say. He felt like an idiot. First of all he was ashamed of his clumsiness in front of her and secondly he didn’t really know how to talk to girls, he wasn’t very experienced in interruction with females, especially if they are super good looking. He thought they were out of his league. She didn’t notice his confusion and continued as a good sales person.
– These green mangos are not the best. They are large and juicy, but not very sweet. If you want to try really good mangos, look for small yellow ones with tiny brown dots. They don’t look pretty, but are very aromatic and sweet. I would sell them to you but today we sold them out.
– How to eat them? Like an apple – he mummbled,he never tried mango before – Do you know any place here where I can buy meal?
-Yeah, there are plenty of places where you can buy good food. Are you familiar with the area?
– No, we just arrived few days ago.
– No problem, I can show where you can get a very nice naan. It is fresh and cheap.
David thought she was going to take him to church. – Why do I need to see nun, are they selling food too? – asked he and made girl laugh hard.
– No, dummy. It is a nun, not a naan. It means flat bread. We also have chapati, that look like pan cakes, bot harder and not sweet. We usually eat it with lentils or deeping in chutney.
– Wow, wow, you speak foreign language to me now. I am not familiar with all these names. Wait, how do you know English so well? – David finally started to recover from hypnoses of her charms and returned to his rational self.
– I went to English school. Majority of people here go to English school and speak few languages. Where did you come from?
– I came from States. We are on boat expedition here.
– Wow! I never beeing in Amerika. What is it like to live there? – she smile again and David couldn’t restrain from compliment. – Your smile can stop the traffic!
She laughed and suddenly took his hand. – Come I will show you the nice place to eat. There is plenty of food and it’s not vey pricy. When she touched his hand, David felt electrial charge going through his body. He had been on a boat for few month, isolated from people except members of his tiny with no single female on a boat.
They came to little place with thin fencing around and few palm trees in the territory. It was little restaraunt with just a few tables and a couple of customers. It had a strong smell of garlic, cumin, turmeric and curry. The food was good though, full of spice and unknown flawors. David enjoyed the taste. Also he was offered a sugary, milky tea. He never tried it before but was afraid to refuse as it could be considered as insult. He noticed it was refilled as soon as it was empty and had to drink few more cups untill he noticed that other people turned the cup upside down when finished. He started to eat his meal with fork and knife, but then put them aside when he saw a girl eating with her hands.
              The girls name was Serena.
 …… be continued…..