Today It was my lunch time at work and I thought it could be great to work on my outdated portfolio, my site that I keep on WP platform. And of course because I never logged there from my work laptop, I didn’t remember my password. I thought it is easy to find it, just click on the link ‘forgot your password’. Yeah, supposed to be easy, just to log to my email, associated with that account, find the code and type it in to set up a new password. But when I entered my old email, it also wanted confirmation of identity and asked me to enter a verification code that was sent to my phone which to my despair I forgot in the car in the parking lot running late for a train. If I had my phone I would not be bored and come with idea of update my portfolio at first place.

Speaking of verification of identity, I have a different case.
I need an app to load photos from my phone and apparently for my phone it needs to be a special program called ‘File messenger’. Another day I decided to download it.
It was free

Which is Nice…

But when I tried to launch it, it started to ask me weird questions:

-File manager would like your contacts. –

OK or Cancel



-File manager would like access to your calendar-

OK or Cancel

How about access to my bank account?

or access to my house?

Sometimes there is too much we can release without thinking twice and then later thinking how FB, for example, shows adds of photo equipment and knows exactly that I recently ordered photo lens and lighting umbrella online? All these sites are all connected. It is called network. There is a network of all marketing and commercial setting their nets to get more out of us, that is why it is called interNET, it should actually be called ENTER NET

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