Cake smash

This lovely girl is Adele. When I got a call about photo session of 1 year old for birthday cake smash, I got very excited. I was working on ideas for photo session when mom of Adele called again and shared a news that her car broke and she couldn’t come. I told her that it wasn’t a problem for me to collect all my photo equipment and be able to drive to her house, which actually was so much better for little girl to be in familiar environment with her mom and grandma behind a camera who did amazing work of getting a little girl smile.

‘We never had her smiling on photos’, shared concern her mom. This time I was on mission to depict every hint of great mood in picture.

We did few sittings and cloth change, which always adds a variety when to do a photo collage. I made few of them as there was no room on one to play with different shots. Adele’s mom liked all of them.

Thank you a little angel for being my photo model for your amazing smash cake party! Such a good girl.