Portrait of a man in pastel.

Size 10×10″



In Lent, a gift to seek is greater serenity. The word comes from the Latin serenus, meaning clear or unclouded (skies). By extension it thus means calm, without storm.Perhaps the closest Greek word to serenity is γαλήνη (galene) and it is used most specifically when Jesus stood in the boat, rebuked the storm and there was a great calm, a serenity In this sense we can see how true serenity must come as a gift. For the storms of life can overwhelm and overpower us. So we need to seek serenity from God and receive it from him.

My own personal experience of serenity is that it is a calm and peaceful joy, an experience that everything is good.

We oppose unnecessary attacks on the innocent.

We oppose harming others simply to get ahead.

We oppose causing stress and anxiety upon others just for emotional satisfaction.

We defy the culture of self that pervades through New Eden

We defy those who seek to harm the innocent.