22×22″ pastel

The color PINK makes everything look BEAUTIFUL!
At the end of the August 2015 another person had a birthday who I wanted to give a portrait.But there was a little problem. To ask for a photo might give away the surprise..
So I had to brainstorm some ideas of photo reference. I found one – a profile image on google+ – I assume if a person is using a particular image for their profile picture they must like it.  And so, decided to use it.
It actually worked out not too bad, the colour selection was pretty close to the original photo, but I do find that when I take a picture of a pastel work, it just doesn’t look as bright as it is in real life.

I had to enlarge the subjects glasses, because I knew how much she wanted to get the same pair but in a bigger size, but couldn’t find them. So I took advantage of being able draw anything I want and scaled them up a bit. Though I realized in future I have to be careful with that, because it might affect the resemblance of the art work when compared to the  with he original photo. When one object becomes different in size, it can affect the proportions of other elements in relationship to each other.

This portrait was a big surprise to the birthday girl and she really liked it. She kept screaming for a while repetitive OMG!